A simple thank you can mean so much

As a new manager of the Outreach program I was curious to learn of the impact that my team was having on the women that they serve.  In asking one worker to share her success story she pointed out all the thank you cards she had received that were displayed around her office.

She stated: I don’t want to define success for anyone; however, these are quotes from cards I have kept over the years told by several women.  Their messages are powerful!

“Thank you for all your help and support. You have enabled me and my children with the knowledge and education about domestic violence and give me tools to prepare me and my children for a brighter, safer and healthier future”.

“I was a single mom with two young children wrapped up by one abusive man after another. You taught me how to love myself again and in turn love and care for my children positively. I matter. I now know that abuse is wrong and my children and I deserve better. I understand the “red flags” and you gave me the tools to be safe and for that my children and I thank you”.

“I was hopeless and drained before I contacted WCSWR. I allowed him to take everything of me and from me. You picked me up and empowered me in ways that I never thought would work. I am now free from violence….Your agency is a blessing and saved my life”.


Jennifer , Outreach Manager