1)      You laugh together

feb 18 blog post 1

Relationships are about having fun together.  There are times for seriousness, but there should always be laughter in your love.

2)      You have common dreams while still maintaining your own dreams

Feb. 18 blog post 2

It is important to have shared hopes and dreams, but never forgot your own dreams.  Write your own ‘bucket list’ today.

3)      Trust

feb 18 blog post 3

Trust should be the foundation of our relationships.  You need to believe your love is solid even during the tough times.

4)      Conflict Resolution

feb 18 blog post 4

Conflict is bound to happen within relationships, but what is most important is how it is dealt with.  All couples need to develop their own methods to resolve conflicts.  However at no time should conflict result in violence.

5)      Kindness

feb 18 blog post 5

It can really be that simple.  Relationships are about generosity, warmth, affection and kindness.  They are not about being right or controlling the other person.  It is about coming from a place of caring.