Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region is very proud to thank “100 Men Who Give a Damn Waterloo Region” for their support of the campaign to rebuild Haven House, the shelter supporting abused women and their children in Cambridge and North Dumfries.  100 men a“100 Men WGDWR” has invested $14,000 in the safety and the future of women and children in our region. 100 Men Who Give a Damn is a grassroots organization that is helping change the world – one city at a time. Started as an offshoot of 100 Women Who Care, 100 Men seeks to help those services and institutions in our communities that help those that need it.

This is not only a gift of financial support, but the moral support of over 100 men who are choosing to show others that they are concerned about violence against women, and want to change our society. Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region is proud to include men in their work, on their committees and as their supporters.100 men

Originally built to accommodate 11 people, the new shelter will be rebuilt to 45 beds and will accommodate adequate space for programming and partnerships, and be an environment conducive to healing. The rebuilt Haven House will feature a notable security system, private entrance for clients, a commercial kitchen and servery, expandable bedrooms (for women with several children), designated program spaces for youth, music therapy,  spiritual care, medical care and much more. Located at the corner of Acorn Way and Elgin Street, the site provides easy access to transportation, recreation and shopping facilities.

Mary Zilney, CEO of Women’s Crisis Services states, “Every abused woman in Cambridge and North Dumfries deserves a facility that is conducive to her being able to move forward and break the intergenerational cycle of abuse so that the next generation does not need to seek our help.”

It is important for women and men to come together to change the growing epidemic of violence against women in our region. This gift signifies a commitment to a safer, stronger, community for all of us in Waterloo Region.